July 13, 2015

Windows 10 - An Intro for Business

Windows 10 - An Intro for Business

For the past three months, I've done literally nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe Windows 10. It has been an honor to work with Microsoft on such a fantastic operating system and helping figure out how to position it in our Slalom market here in Dallas.

We have determined that there are four major "themes" for Windows 10 - we like to call them the food groups. These themes are broad advocacy based messages that speak to businesses large and small and set the tone for how we will approach the market. Over the next several weeks, I'll be blogging frequently about these themes, our experiences, challenges, successes and more.

These four major themes are:

  1. Servicing and Deployment - how do you get Windows 10 and how do you keep it up to date.
  2. Security - how do you secure a modern operating system to protect against ever changing threats to the computer landscape.
  3. Mobility - having a mobile device management policy for phones is little help if 90% of your workforce is on a laptop - how do you secure and provide resources to a mobile first world, regardless of device?
  4. Identity - when are you a business user and when are you a consumer user? How can your company control and protect its information seamlessly while giving you native single sign on and multi-factor authentication to thousands of apps?

Running across these themes one thing stands out above all others. There is a REAL, present, and compelling reason to move your business to Windows 10. Not in a year, not when the first service pack comes out (hint: there are no more service packs) - but right now. Over the next few posts, I'll explain. For now, and always - #LoveYourFuture