July 7, 2015

The Ultimate Chrome Extension List

My Chrome Extensions

These things keep me productive throughout the day. Well, most of them. Here they are in image order (left to right):

  • MultiLogin
  • I hate keeping up with incognito/porn mode/in private browsing. It's awful. It's even more awful in my line of work because I work with about 40 different Office 365 or Azure tenants on a day to day basis. With this little gem, one click, same window, fresh clean and isolated cookies.
  • Lastpass
  • Really requires no introduction, but if you need - hit up https://lastpass.com - it'll change your life and make your passwords much less burdonsome. I even taught my mother how to do it.
  • Chromecast
  • Not used too often, but it makes sweet easiness to throw a webpage on a monitor. In related news, our office should really just install these or MiraCast dongles on all our projects - cables will magically stop being the issue that they are.
  • Clip to OneNote
  • Used every day, ten or more times per day - particularly when blasting through my Feedly account. Because I subscribe to the main MSDN and TechNet blog feeds (in addition many others), I typically record in 10-20 new articles a day. This beats the hell out of other excellent but isolated services that simply do bookmarking - integrates with my OneNote notes which is my entire life.
  • Google Hangouts
  • Family use.
  • Koofr
  • A neat file sharing service I've been playing with lately.
  • The Great Suspender
  • This is the best tool out there by far and worthy of your financial support. Chrome, as you probably are aware, is absolute garbage at memory management. Okay, that's not fair...yes it is. On any given day, I may have between 30-50 tabs going. That consumes absurd amounts of RAM. Instead of closing them down and losing track, I can leave them open with this glorious gem. After a tab has been idle (not in focus) for X minutes (mine is 30), it suspends the tab and removes it from memory but holds the tab in place with the tab title intact. When you click back to the tab to continue work, it rehidrates it right where you left off. Outstanding work and mad props to that developer. Also has the option of NOT suspending pinned tabs which is helpful.
  • Trello
  • Of course - this is where most of my work gets done. I've not yet sprung for the premium features but will soon. This lets me know, across all of my boards, how many things I have due. Speaking of which, apparently I have 17 tasks due and none of them are writing blog entries :)