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Jan 31, 2019

How Much Log Analytics?

I'm a huge fan of shamelessly stealing other people's work, as long as we say hello and thanks. Had a question from a customer earlier and wanted to post this mostly as a

Jul 5, 2016

Has Code, Uses KeyVault, Now Update!

This is the 'but wait there's more' from my previous post. Now that you are storing your secrets in KeyVault instead of hard coding them, how do you change those secret values when

Sep 1, 2015

Quick Nugget - Spyware!?

The internets are abuzz about this week regarding Microsoft's telemetry tools built into Windows 10 and now coming to Windows 8 and 7 First, be mindful that the telemetry data being collected is

Aug 18, 2015

Quick Nugget - Build 10525

Just a quick nugget for everyone who is seeing the newest Insider Fast Ring build trickle out. Here's the questions: Q: What does this mean for businesses? A: In your labs, you should

Aug 11, 2015

Quick Nugget - WINDOWS.OLD

Quick Nugget - WINDOWS.OLD

Several friends have asked how to get rid of WINDOWS.OLD after upgrading to Windows 10. Behold: Click start (love seeing that button again!) Type Disk Cleanup Click "Clean up System Files&