March 16, 2016

Starting to Like Azure ARM Templates

It's taken a while, but I'm starting to get the hang of Azure ARM templates. It helps that there is an active and vibrant community on GitHub providing new, interesting (and slightly crazy) one click deployment scenarios. If you are not familiar with Azure ARM templates, I suggest you get to reading here.

This week, the Azure team created several really cool new templates to work with and updated quite a few stalwarts. Here's a breakdown (with thanks to Kay Singh for the list!):

  1. Deploy a VM that is customized for use with SAP NetWeaver. Link
  2. BitShares Witness Node and CLI Wallet running on Ubunton 15.10 (which is just crazy cool to play with). Link
  3. How about a 3 node Consul Cluster that auto joins to Atlas? HashiCorp is wicked cool. Link

Some updated templates of note:

  1. Deploy VM scale set with Apache and PHP with AutoScale. Link
  2. Deploy a VM with SSH RSA Public Key. Link
  3. Redundant haproxy with Azure load-balancer and floating IPs Link
  4. Deploy a CoreOS cluster hosting Fleet Link
  5. Kafka on Ubuntu VMs Link
  6. Create an Azure VM with a new AD Forest Link
  7. Dokku Instance (think heroku) Link

Interesting to note - only one of those is Microsoft tech. We sure are loving on the Linux these days :) Because it is so easy to deploy and destroy, I've deployed and played with each of these and I'm left to wonder - where has this stuff been all my life!?