September 1, 2015

Quick Nugget - Spyware!?

The internets are abuzz about this week regarding Microsoft's telemetry tools built into Windows 10 and now coming to Windows 8 and 7

First, be mindful that the telemetry data being collected is opt-in (unless you're an Insider). Second, it is a fair critique that in previous versions of Windows, this was all disabled by default and in Windows 10, it is enabled by default. Microsoft is bending over backwards to address the situation by explaining everything here in human English.

Opt in, opt out - be smart about the data you share. If you share it with MSFT, you can be well assured it is safe and used for just that - telemetry on performance and identifying problems.

The question for businesses now is, hey, this telemetry could be useful for analyzing user experience on my corporate, can I get at it? The short answer is, no. The longer answer is - I'm trying to find out - this could be a really useful feature that need not be invented twice (once for MSFT and once for businesses).

Finally, can businesses opt-out/turn these things off? Yes. See GPO.