August 24, 2015

Quick Nugget - Changes to Update for Business

Microsoft is being a bit coy on how people in the enterprise will patch and maintain Windows. I've shed some light on the patching here and here. I've also been pounding (gently) on my contacts and colleagues within Microsoft to be more transparent about what patches contain and, where is Windows Update for Business?

A close follower of Microsoft, like myself, is ZDNet's Mary Joe Foley and I've always been a big fan. She recently came out with a few nuggets that don't really answer the questions (because MSFT is still being coy) but does shed some light on where things are going, and more importantly, an update that the timeline for patch implementation. In my previous articles, I wrote that you can delay a patch three times before being required to put that patch out, which means 8 months-ish. Now it appears CBB companies will have 12 months before they are blocked.

A reminder - these timelines are for the monthly cumulative updates. Security updates and drivers are still delivered separately and should be implemented first in your lab, then very quickly released to your user populace.

Fast paced changes as we all learn and adopt the new models! Keep firing questions my way if you have questions!