August 18, 2015

Quick Nugget - Build 10525

Just a quick nugget for everyone who is seeing the newest Insider Fast Ring build trickle out. Here's the questions:

Q: What does this mean for businesses?
A: In your labs, you should have this build running on your PCs to validate application compatibility. Check the known issues list (nice and short!)

Q: What's in this build?
A: See the above known issues link - it also describes major features being introduced, however, be advised, that list is certainly not comprehensive. You can anticipate/expect hundreds of changes under the covers in each full build release. I'm still working on Microsoft to be more forthcoming on that list. Doesn't have to be an errata but something more detailed would be nice.

Q: Do I role this out to my corporate devices?
A: NO - only those that have explicitly elected to join Insider Preview and a ring from their corporate or home PC will get this build. You should NOT permit your end users to enroll in Insider Builds unless they are in App Dev or your lab. See GPO for that.

Q: Will this build make it to my devices?
A: No, Threshold 2 (sometime in October) will be the build that will be made available to your corporate devices sometime in late October or early November as part of Main Branch for Business.

Q: How does this all work again?
A: See the servicing series :)

Q: I'm freaking out with all these cumulative updates and builds and it's so different, help!?
A: Take a deep breath - it will be okay. Then tweet me @thebookofdoodle and I'll try to help. The key is this: All OS patching is cumulative. Insider Builds are new branches that are also cumulative that roll back into Main Branch for Business AFTER they are tested on Consumer branch. Lots of people testing their stuff before they get to you. BUT - get them in your labs early and often.