Sep 6, 2016

Block Chain Meet Identity - Part 2

In my first installment, I laid out the notion of what Block Chain based identity could do for the human race. In this installment, I take it a bit easier on the esoteric

Aug 30, 2016

Block Chain - Meet Identity - Part 1

I've long since been fascinated by identity. Whether that be in the practical sense "I am Derek" or the technological sense "I certify by thusforth magical means that this is

Aug 24, 2016

The Block Chain - An Introduction

Over the past several months, I've blogged and otherwise opined on the benefits and brilliance of Azure Key Vault, Azure Disk Encryption and a few other interesting topics. While I will continue to

Aug 7, 2016

Azure Disk Encryption + Azure Backup

Update: 8/9/16 - new docs posted for reference: There's this strange line of thinking that says that if you back up a VM,

Jul 5, 2016

Has Code, Uses KeyVault, Now Update!

This is the 'but wait there's more' from my previous post. Now that you are storing your secrets in KeyVault instead of hard coding them, how do you change those secret values when

Jul 5, 2016

Has Code, Use KeyVault

You write good code, we all know this. Actually, if you are like me, you write really, REALLY bad code, but are fortunate enough to have friends that can point you in the

May 12, 2016

Using KeyVault in Code

I love KeyVault. And really, you should too if you don't already. What a fantastic way to easily store secrets, keys, and certificates. Quite versatile and makes your life happy and more secure.

Apr 22, 2016

Massive Azure VM Storage + Encryption

Many of you have now learned of my fondness for Azure Disk Encryption, seeing as how I blog about it pretty frequently. Someday soon I'm going to do some ADE using Linux but

Apr 12, 2016

Azure Notes dot Tech Upgrade! just got a really neat upgrade by one of my colleagues Jay Witt. He wrote a really cool PowerShell script that calls the Azure Notes API, grabs all of this