Aug 24, 2017

Azure Stack - Initial Configuration - Part 1

Now that you've gone and gotten yourself some Azure Stack up and going (by following my previous entries), you are ready to start with initial configuration! Open IE to https://adminportal.local.azurestack.

Aug 17, 2017

Install Azure Stack in Azure - Part 4

Shew! My fingers are starting to hurt. This is a continuation of previous episodes so start from the beginning or none of this will make any sense. So, when we were last together,

Aug 17, 2017

Install Azure Stack in Azure - Part 2

Welcome back dear friends to the next installment of getting Azure Stack up and going in Azure. Read my last post to get the basics first! Spinning up #AzureStack on #Azure for POCs

Aug 17, 2017

Install Azure Stack in Azure

So, you want to play with Azure Stack but don't have eleventy seven meeelion dollars to get one yourself? Look no further than the uber meta, completely unsupported, installer of love for getting

Aug 16, 2017

Azure Stack and PowerShell

If you are working with Azure Stack, you'll be pleasantly surprised that its PowerShell is the same PowerShell as what is used in Azure. Except not really. Okay, maybe sorta. Yes, it is

Jul 14, 2017

VM inside a VM inside Azure

VM inside a VM inside Azure

The promise of modern technology. The amazingness of Azure. The wonder of Nested Virtualization in Server 2016. Am I full of hyperbole? Yep. Am I running a Windows 10 VM inside a Windows

Jul 13, 2017

Using VS Code and Linux

Using VS Code and Linux

I edit a lot of files in Linux lately. Here at Microsoft, we love Linux so much we plaster it on everything these days, which is awesome! One thing I am not too

Mar 20, 2017

ARM Templates and Managed Disks

One of the most exciting features to come out of Azure Storage of late is the introduction of Managed Disks. If you are not familiar with the glory of this tool, please see

Oct 17, 2016

Migrate VMs ASM to ARM

When you are ready to migrate your VMs from ASM to ARM mode, there are several platform supported mechanisms you can leverage. They are documented here. The main things to note are: Network