March 21, 2016

I Wrote an App! Sorta

I've been blogging some about my new website where I'm tracking all things Azure with some contextual flare, as well as learning (ish) how to sling MVC and API apps. Well, I also had a hankerin for an app in the Windows App Store - a UWP app.

I also heard that the powers over at AppStudio have a new 'Hosted Web App' template. This template is basically an app wrapper around a website and adds access to the Windows Runtime. Basic, simple, kind of fun - literally took two seconds to build and app from my website and it looks pretty nice! You can download it here.

Here's what's funny about all this. You'd think I could take an app from App Studio (a Microsoft property) and simply import it into the developer center and it'd be accepted by the store team. You would think incorrectly. Took my five tries and repeated: "get it together guys" emails. Your mileage may vary, but I found it a bit annoying.

In the future, I plan to replace the hosted app template with an actual app that does stuff, but I thought this was a neat start as I plug away at Azure Status Notes! Cheers.