August 29, 2017

Azure Stack - Initial Configuration - Part 4

And lo, it was so. Azure Stack's App Service is now up and running and you're ready to try it out. Shew - when I did this, it took 17 hours and four tries. For you, perhaps less. But here we are, ready to get going. First, one thing to note. Unlike the MySQL and SQL Provider, you CANNOT use App Services in the Admin portal to play. So, you just need to get the tenant experience up and running, which you were planning to do anyways, so let's wrap this sucker up.

  1. Create an Offer and a Plan



Don't forget to make the offer Public! Also, VERY important. When you create the Offer, it will take up to an hour before it shows up in the tenant portal. Beer time.
2. Once an hour has passed, head on over to the tenant portal and get a subscription and select the offer.
3. Once you've subscribed to the Offer, you need to head over to My Subscription\Resource providers and register all of the providers. Not all may activate, that's okay, as long as storage does.
(If you don't enable the Storage Resource Provider, you will get all kinds of errors attempting to create a Function App.
4. And finally - set up an App Service and you, my friend are done!

Wasn't that fun!? I had troubles working on Functions App, the UX would never work. I'm told it is intermittent and to just keep trying. Horray! Azure Stack.