July 23, 2015

A Suggestion for Azure

I did something the other day I shouldn't have :) I was playing with my Windows 10 VMs in Azure to prepare for my next blog and there was a new build (thanks Gabe!) available. Having had success doing a few build to build upgrades, I just hit restart and went on about my way.

Several hours later, the VM still wasn't back up. Waited a day. Notta. Restarted it. Notta. Open support ticket - they came back instantly (literally within 90 seconds which was REALLY impressive) saying, it's waiting on user input to complete setup which happens before RDP loads. That's the OOBE experience.

Resolution? Download your VM, attach it to a HyperV server, complete OOBE and reupload the VM.

Two things:

  1. It's my fault - I know you're not supposed to do B2B's in Azure. I also know that Console access to the VM is not available. So I must perform the above resolution.
  2. It took 14 hours to download, 93 seconds to fix and 42 hours to re-upload.

Suggestion: System Center VMM provides console access. Azure should too - and, it'd be a substantial competitive advantage. Pretty please????