November 26, 2015

A New Journey!

With much joy, a little bit of pride and a lot of humility, I announce (on my birthday no less!) that I will be joining Microsoft this coming Monday! This has been a dream of mine since my 14th birthday when my mother (bless her heart!) took me to my local Wal-Mart at midnight to buy a copy of DOS 6.1. I have loved everything about Microsoft for so long and could not be more thrilled to be diving in soon.

It's also with bittersweet sadness that I leave my Slalom family. Slalom, on its worst day, is and will forever be the best place I could ever hope to be for its culture and its people. Six and a half years is a long time for me - the longest job I've ever had. But it wasn't a job. My work is my life and I am immensely proud of what we've accomplished together over the years and I know that the team that I got to build is in fantastic hands. I will miss them all so very, very much.

I'll be joining Microsoft on Monday, November 30 and will become a member of the Azure Architect team! I could not be more happy about the role that I've found. I'll be joining an amazing team with a great culture and of course, achieving my dream of working for Microsoft now that the time is right. I also note that I am a bit scared/nervous. I hope they like me :)

It's been hard these past few months keeping this big change that's been in the works from so many friends and family. I've had the previous couple of weeks off to do some PTO (first real PTO in about 2 years!) to let it sink in and digest. I freely admit - the hardest part of this has been the fact that I've had to borrow my wife's computer for the past few weeks cause, um, I sold all my gear to make way for the new shiny gear. It's also been great to spend time with my family, work on building a playhouse for the kids (I've never done woodworking before so, yeah) and rest - lots of naps!

So, I may be quiet for a few weeks while I get my feet wet and figure out my new routine, but as always, I'll be around thinking about what great things Microsoft will do next to change the world! Thank you all for your love and support and once more, thank you to my Slalom family - I'm pretty sure I'll be running into you guys in the market very soon.